For information regarding the profession of Asian Bodywork Therapy:

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia:

This website includes professional definitions of Asian bodywork modalities, education and certification programs, national workshops, research, membership, and newsletter.

Education Opportunities offered by Alight

Would you like us to come to you? Or would you like to attend a workshop about a specific topic? We can design educational opportunities to meet your needs including discussions, demonstrations, and instruction.

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For additional information on Shiatsu training or workshops Centerpoint has a calendar of upcoming events:

If you are interested reading more about Chinese Medicine, here are some of the main publishers in the US:

For a local resource, Northwestern Health Sciences University has a library and bookstore with a good selection on alternative health and Traditional Chinese Medicine for browsing. You can access the library’s catalog through the website.

Exercise and Meditation are components of traditional Chinese Medicine and complement Shiatsu as part of your health care. Among the many options in Minneapolis, we can recommend the following schools and studios:

The Birthing Life T’ai Chi Center:
A well designed website that explains the teaching and art of the Birthing Life T’ai Chi Center which includes philosophy, history and Classes.

Minneapolis Yoga Workshop:
Yoga Center of Minneapolis:
One Yoga Studio:
Several local yoga studios with descriptions of classes, schedules, instructors, and rates online.

Common Ground Meditation:
This website is a pdf of a well-written and designed newsletter. The info includes open meditation hours, upcoming events and a description of the introductory class.

Acupuncture in the Twin Cities

Acupuncture and Shiatsu share the same philosophy and rely on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An acupuncturist is also trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Northwestern Health Sciences University
American Academy of Oriental Medicine

Resources for pregnant women and couples

Minnesota Birth Network:
Website includes lists of Minnesota providers including midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, classes, and membership information. There are on-going classes and a newsletter available.

Warehouse District

Alight is a member of the Warehouse District Business Association:

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