What is Shiatsu?

close-up photo of hand work Shiatsu, which literally translates as 'finger pressure', is a form of Japanese therapeutic bodywork. It is based on principles of traditional Chinese Medicine which are thought to have been introduced to Japan with the spread of Buddhism.

During a Shiatsu session, the practitioner applies pressure with the thumbs, fingers, and hands on specific points or along energetic channels known as meridians. Shiatsu techniques range from light pressure to deep muscular work and may include stretching, tapping, soothing or kneading.

What does Shiatsu do?

Shiatsu works with your vital energy or Qi ("chee"). Fatigue, pain, or illness results when the flow of Qi becomes blocked, uneven, deficient, or reversed along the meridians of the body. A Shiatsu session allows the body to return to a state of health by restoring and harmonizing the circulation of Qi.

The benefits of Shiatsu can be felt immediately, whether the desired effect is to reduce pain or symptoms of illness, calm the spirit, or energize the body. Over time, with regularly scheduled treatments, deeper shifts in well-being and health occur.  We recommend Shiatsu for both acute and chronic conditions and as part of a personal health maintenance plan. Shiatsu can help you learn to listen to your body, take care of yourself, and enjoy the benefits of good health.

Equally important, Shiatsu feels great! It reduces stress and tension, promotes deep relaxation and can be quite energizing.

Who is Shiatsu for?

Shiatsu forms a foundation for the maintenance and recovery of good health.  Its benefits are enjoyed by people seeking to maintain health and those suffering from a broad range of symptoms and illnesses.

Some of the conditions for which Shiatsu is helpful include:

physical trauma or injury
repetitive motion injury
habits of posture
chronic fatigue
digestive disorders
chronic tension or pain
recovery from illness or surgery
allergies and asthma

feeling "out of balance"
addiction recovery
major life changes

What is a Shiatsu session like?

photo from the studio The first session is an hour and half long. Subsequent sessions are typically an hour. Clients wear comfortable clothing and lie on a low table designed for Shiatsu.

The Alight practitioner will address your overall health concerns as well as focus on your current symptoms and complaints. As part of this process, she will feel your pulses by applying light pressure to your wrist and look at your tongue. This assessment allows her to design a specific Shiatsu session to fit your needs.


1 hour = $75 (Carl), $85 (Ivy)
1 1/2 hour = $95 (Carl), $100 (Ivy)
Pkg. of 5 hour-long sessions = $350 (Carl), $400 (Ivy)
Chair shiatsu = variable. Call for rate.
(7.775% sales tax is included)

What is chair Shiatsu?

Chair Shiatsu brings the benefits of Shiatsu to your workplace or special event. While seated, the client receives a Shiatsu that is focused on the neck, shoulders, back, and arms. The effects are energizing and include immediate benefits such as relief from tension, pain and fatigue.  Sessions range from 5 - 30 minutes. This service is an excellent way to both show appreciation for staff and promote a healthy, productive workplace.

Please contact us to learn more about long term arrangements for on-site work, employee discounts, educational presentations and workshops.


Gift Certificates are available.

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